Pastoral Academic Care

School based Pastoral Academic Care (PAC) at O’Connor refers to the care of the whole person. It is based upon the belief in the dignity of the person. Research ( Jacqueline Van Velsen, CEO WISA Wellbeing in Schools Australia) indicates that students with high levels of wellbeing are more likely to achieve high academically and complete school, have better health, and have greater participation in the workforce. Wellbeing is everyone’s business.

O’Connor’s Pastoral Academic Care program is based on this evidence that learning and wellbeing are inextricably linked. Our PAC Program includes coaching, learning conversations and goal setting. The PAC teacher plays a very important role in monitoring and building wellbeing. The Student Diary is based on a strengths based approach. It emphasises the strengths that people have and how they build their strengths in other areas. The key elements of the student diary are: Positive Engagement; Meaning and Purpose; Skills and Achievement; Relationship and Optimism; Strengths and Emotions; and Exercise and Health. These are the key elements needed to strive, thrive and flourish.

Pastoral Academic Care Framework

At O’Connor, each PAC class has two staff allocated. This allows for administration (rolls marked, daily notices etc to be done) to occur while learning conversations occur. PAC runs from 8.50 - 9.10 every day. PAC time is with both PAC teachers and has a focus on Resilience and coaching. Are students set up for the day? Do they have books, device, equipment etc.

Resilience and Connections


Year Leaders and PAC Teachers for 2020

Mr Mark Fulloon
Year 12 PAC Leader
Mark Fulloon

Year 12 Coordinator – Mr Mark Fulloon
PAC Teachers:
Mr Mark Harris / Mrs Megan Wooster

Mr Nicholas Bolger / Ms Regina Menz
Mr David Lush / Miss Melanie Sampson

Mrs Vicki Channon
Year 11 PAC Leader
Vicki Channon

Year 11 Coordinator – Mrs Vicki Channon
PAC Teachers:
Mrs Jennifer Roff / Mr Mark Honeysett

Mrs Jenny Frazier / Mr Ian Tonkin
Mr Peter McLeish / Mrs Ruth Patrick
Mr Stephen Kirkaldy / Mrs Lilly Moar

Miss Amanda Bell
Year 10 PAC Leader
Amanda Bell

Mr Frank Patricks
Year 10 PAC Leader
Frank Patricks

Year 10 Coordinators – Miss Amanda Bell & Mr Frank Patricks
PAC Teachers:
Mr Joseph Bell / Mr Stephen Chapman

Mr Bradley Powers / Mr Garry Osborne
Mrs Glenda Lemon / Miss Jessica Molkentin / Miss Phoebe Biddle
Miss Melita Roache / Mr Darryl Harper

Mr James Russell
Year 9 PAC Leader
 James Russell

Year 9 Coordinator – Mr James Russell
PAC Teachers:
Mr Shane McCann / Mrs Janet Price

Miss Lauren Donnelly / Mr Bryan Allerton
Mrs Katie Biddle / Miss Elizabeth Plane
Miss Dea Trigwell-Lindley / Miss Annabel Cullen Mr Daniel Fittler / Miss Jessica Armfield

Mrs Kath Czinner
Year 8 PAC Leader

Year 8 Coordinator – Mrs Kath Czinner
PAC Teachers:
Miss Elizabeth Campbell / Mrs Denise Fittler

Mr Damian Roff / Mr Anthony Kelly / Miss Kate Bloomfield
Mr Peter Trinh / Mrs Cheryl Leggatt
Mr Jon Hawthorne / Miss Jessica Suann
Mrs Renee Russell / Mr Michael Wooster

Mrs Natalie Mellowship-Brown
Year 7 PAC Leader
Natatlie Mellowship-Brown

Year 7 Coordinator – Mrs Natalie Mellowship-Brown
PAC Teachers:
Mrs Kaylene Osborne / Ms Florence Champion de Crespigny

Mr James Healy / Mrs Annne Healey
Mr Lloyd Honnery / Mr Matthew Griffin / Mrs Natalie Gurr
Mrs Cherie Stoessel / Miss Camilla Clydsdale

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