Mrs Susan McLeod
English Coordinator
McLeod Mrs Susan

English is Essential! It is our major communication tool and the only compulsory subject in the Higher School Certificate. It is the study of humanity through literature engaging in Language and Literacy.

At O’Connor Catholic College we have a rich and varied expertise in teaching the six major aspects of English: Reading/Viewing/Speaking and Writing/Representing/Listening. These areas are critically engaged through: Novels, Poetry, Film, Non fiction, Drama, e-texts, Graphic Novels and Picture books, embracing a wide range of Australian, Asian and world literature.

Our Staff are highly accomplished and caring teachers with experience in Higher School Certificate marking. We offer weekly lunchtime tutorials, Debating, Public Speaking and Creative Writing for all levels and ranges of students. There are ongoing workshops in creative writing, poetry and HSC items.

Mrs Susan McLeod 
English Coordinator.

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